Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Let's All Have a Short Day

It is a little know fact that this Thursday may possibly be my most looked forward to day of the year. Like many, I do not do well in the winter months, it's cold and miserable and more often than not so am I, which is why I anticipate so highly the shortest day of the year, knowing it just gets better from here on in.

And it turns out my rather random seasonal logic is not the only reason to celebrate Winter Solstice (drum roll please)-

Thursday 22nd December is also National Short Story Day- a UK-wide celebration of prose’s short-yet-perfectly-crafted form.

Short stories often lack the recognition they deserve so what better time to give them your attention. A collection I highly recommend is Brace published by Comma Press.
To find out more about National Short Story Day, the short story format and to listen to some great short story example visit the website here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Emma. I read Tell-Tale Heart and The Yellow Wallpaper.

from Dora