Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Seven Big Fears: Being Too Old

The sixth of the seven big writing fears is of being too old to write and, I will be honest from the start, this is not a fear I personally suffer from but I can understand where it stems from.

Like most of the other fears it has its basis in the realms of self-doubt and it is always the fear that is debilitating rather than the actual circumstances. Unfortunately there is a culture in this society that once you are of a certain age you lose your capabilities and, although that may be how some of society views things, that by no means should be how you view it.

Ironically to counter the thought that you may be too old to writer there are many reasons why being older actually makes you more suited to writing:

  • You have a much more experience you are able to draw on for inspiration
  • If you have been writing for some time then it is likely that you will have been able to improve your writing skill
  • If you are now retired you will no longer have the time constraints work will have involved
  • Finally, it is a sad truth, no matter how lovely they are children are one of the biggest hindrance to finding time to write and by this point children will be all grown up

Think about it logically, no one would ever say that you are too old to paint and it is no different with writing. If it is the opinions of other that you are worried about then just remember your age as a published writer can be good marketing point.

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