Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Seven Big Fears: Success

Of all the seven big writing fears, the fear of success is the one that I have found most difficult to reflect on.

Like the majority of writers I dream of success and become fixated on visualising what success could bring- book signings, letters from readers and a three book deal! I wish I could say in total honesty I write because I want to write and for the love of writing but it is more than that. I want to be successful at it.

So how can success become the object of fear for a writer and is it something that you fear? This fear is often more about the consequences that success might bring such as the effects on relationships and demands on lifestyle.

Although focusing on the future consequences of writing can be encouraging and motivating, as with the fear of failure, it can also cause unnecessary and negative pressure even when looking at it from the perspective of success.
The one piece of advise I would give is to focus on the now. Remember why you love writing in the first place. Besides anything else it may help your word count!


Royce A Ratterman said...

Yes, it can be hard to relate to success or failure. Success as a writer, though, seems much better than a movie, TV or music celebrity's life.
Great postings!

Emma B said...

Thanks for the feedback