Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Seven Big Fears: Rejection

Rejection is the writer's enemy and a number one fear and it is an unavoidable one, even the most experienced and successful writers suffer rejections. Lord of the Flies was rejected 20 times before being published and Agatha Christie did not get published for four years.

Rejection is unfortunately part of being a writer and, although it does get easier, it still gives a pang of pain when the rejection slip arrives but there are methods to help you tackle what can be a debilitating worry.

1. Don't take it personally- a piece can be rejected for numerous reasons and it is not necessarily due to the quality of the work. It may be that a similar piece has already been accepted. If the rejection does give any feedback this is valuable and worth considering.

2. Once you have submitted a piece get working on the next- otherwise you may feel you have everything invested in the one you have submitted.

3. Try not to send too many submissions out at once- no matter how confident you are it can be crushing if you are unlucky enough to have a lot of rejections land within a week.

Most importantly accept that rejection will happen, once you accept this it should help you worry about it less and realise it is nothing personal. Never let a fear of rejection stop you from writing.


Steven Chapman said...

No.2 is the best piece of advice regarding rejections - get something finished and then crack on with the next one...literally seconds after you have finished the last. It's the only way to approach it, especially when you're still trying to make a name for yourself!

Steven Chapman (writer)

ttofee said...

No 1 is good advice but difficult to believe - for me at least - lack of confidence in my work is the problem there.
I agree with Steven about no 2 - a must I think.