Monday, 7 February 2011

Virgin on the Airwaves

It is an enlightening moment when you first hear your own voice on the radio and, unless you are overflowing with self-confidence, I can pretty much guarantee you will hate it.

There is a definite argument to be made that what we hear of our own voice differs vastly from what everyone else hears. It would explain why so many people auditioning for the X Factor believe they are amazing only for the cringing public to have to suffer through a terrible performance before the judges promptly dismiss them.

This week I am on Radio Cumbria for the Little Cumbria slot. I actually missed my debut this morning and it was an email from a friend that alerted me (thanks Nick). Catching the drive-time repeat I could not help but feel excited on hearing myself introduced as 'Emma Bragg- a writer from Whitehaven'.

Unfortunately the reality when I did hear myself recounting the arrival of my little sister was one of confusion. To me, it did not even sound like me. For a start I sounded a lot posher than I expected, secondly it was horribly monotone!

On the positive it is exciting knowing my voice is being promoted across the airwaves. Maybe promoted is not the best description, but it is getting out there and there is no harm in that as good preparation for when I am a best-selling author and in high demand on Radio 4.

You can hear my first attempt at radio on listen again here: and I'll be on Radio Cumbria for the rest of the week at 9.40am with a repeat at about 5.40pm incase you miss it.

A big thank you to everyone who will make the effort to listen.

(a former radio virgin)
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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Competition of the Month: Onward Short Story and Poetry Competition

The Onward Short Story & Poetry Competition is aimed at raising funds to restore the endangered Theatre Royal Hyde, an Edwardian gem that dates back to 1910.

Although winning the competition will not sound as good on your writing CV as say the 'Bridport Prize' the winner does get a small prize plus critique and profits go towards saving Theatre Royal Hyde so it is a good cause too.

The competition is looking for stories of up to 1,200 words and poems of up to 40 lines are required on any theme.

Closing: 28.2.11.
Prizes: £50, £30, £20. Plus critiques
Entry Fee: £3 each, £5 for two.

To find out more about The Onward Short Story & Poetry Competition including full entry details and rules visit the website here.