Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wanna Be a Writer We've Heard Of?

Over the past week I have been absorbing a wealth of information from Jane Wenham-Jone's latest writing guide 'Wanna Be a Writer We've Heard Of?'. The follow up to the popular and humorous 'Wanna Be a Writer?', it focuses on self-promotion after publication, an aspect of being a writer many find the most difficult.

From her own experience, and as a self-confessed 'media-tart', Jane gives her readers advice on how to raise their profile with talks and articles and the best methods in how to do this.

Various contributions have been made to the book from PR experts and other writers, such as Jill Mansell, giving the reader a wide spectrum of expertise with areas covered including the launch party, networking and book signings.

Even as an unpublished writer I have found the book helpful, instilling information and advice within me that I hope to be of some use in the near future when I AM published. More than this it inspires me to get published so I can have that amazing launch party and become good friends with my local book store.


Patsy said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I'll look out for it.

Karen said...

I'm amazed I haven't got this as I seem to have every other How To book ever written! Sounds like an interesting angle.