Thursday, 16 December 2010

In the Airport

After 8 years of not going abroad I am soon to be making my second plane trip of the year. I am traveling to Amsterdam for the weekend to visit my sister before Christmas. The only unfortunate thing about this is that in order to get the best deal on flights we are flying from Manchester at 06:55am.

It would not be too bad but because my husband and i get so paranoid about not being late for things / getting stuck in traffic and missing our flight we arrived at the airport at 03:35. I am now finally sat in the airport lounge waiting to find out what gate we're at.

Through all the boredom and exhaustion however there is something, besides a break abroad, to be gained from all this is... waiting. Provided you remain conscious it allows you a moment of reflection. I know that sounds cliche but how can you ever expect to be a good writer if you never take a moment to step back and just ponder.

The other great thing it allows is people watching. People watching is the great essential to the writing fodder of material. Most of this usually comes from cafes and restaurants but to be able to people watch in airport gives endless possibilities for a persons destinations and purpose. The family off to Lapland or the single woman travelling to London.

With today's instant updates and technology based culture we seem to have grew in impatience but writers can't afford to be so. A little bit of waiting is essential and if you are a writer it puts you in good practice for writing that epic novel.
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