Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Convenience of Technology

It has been over a decade now since the beginnings of the Internet and technology is a world away from where we could ever have imagined it.

I am currently writing this blog from my newly purchased smart phone. Yes I still think writing on the laptop is easier but to be able to actually send a blog post out into the world from my mobile is something I do find quite amazing. This sort of technology has of course now been around some time but as someone quite new to it I'm ecstatic!

As a writer all I keep thinking about is the possibilities this technology opens up and how it has already drastically changed the nature of journalism. The question also raised is the demands thid sort of techology now creates.

Technology is becoming faster and our lives are becoming more revolved around it with Twitter updates and Facebook friends but although technology can vastly help in improving our lives we don't want to let it rule them either. That's why after I've finished playing with my new mobile and discovering all it's cool tricks I'm going to turn it off for a while.


Lee Hughes said...

I'm just waiting for the magical machine that you put on your head and think about your story and then remove it and it transcribes it into words. Not saying I'm lazy....

Emma B said...

You never know Lee, it could happen!

sallyjenkins said...

It must have been so much harder in the 'olden days' to be a writer. Imagine no email submissions, no cutting and pasting and no websites to generate our own publicity.
We writers of the 21st century 'don't know we're born' (as my old grandma would've said).