Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mid-Month Update

Horray! I am nearly finished a short story I have been working on. Just a few bits to add in a good bit of editing too do. There is some level of pressure on it, I want to have it done Friday, so I'll have to get my finger out!

Like 'Sleeping Dogs' it has been one of a strange process. I started with a scenario (a woman on a train) and gradually worked my way from there. Hopefully it seems to work, but it does mean additional editing I find!

The other half is watching The Fairy Jobmother. Majorly distracting me from this blog!

I'm going to have a quick look over the short before bed and then I have the next two days to fine tune it. I am still unsure of my characters motivation, that is the most difficult bit, is what she is doing warranted? I'll just have to get it finished and then I guess I will know.

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Tanya said...

Having a project more or less done and dusted is a good feeling, so well done for getting there in spite of the distraction!