Monday, 5 July 2010

Finding Focus

Last night I got no writing done, zilch! Normally this is because I am putting it off because I know the task will be difficult, but last night it was not even something as logical as that. I was actually looking forward to writing.

So why did I fail to write even one word as intended? Usually there is one big word that sums up the cause of my distraction and failure to complete anything constructive and I know that it is the cause of many people failing to do what they should in many aspects of their life- 'Internet'.

I had my pen drive in my laptop and had even planned a time when I would disappear up to the study and get some writing done. Instead I spent the time I should have spent writing doing some Internet shopping. That's not the worst bit, I didn't even buy anything. In the end it was getting late and I decided I would need more time to think on it.

This sort of pointless and vastly time-consuming activity is the prime culprit at eating into my writing time. There is no need for me to do this, and the logical answer would be to do the writing first and then go on the Internet.

Somehow 'surfing the net' always eats up time and with very little results. Even when it is something relevant, like looking up competitions, it seems to take a long time and you very quickly get distracted by something not so relevant, like that free delivery offer on New Look.


I think it can be worse if you set a time for writing and do some searching on the Internet before hand. Soon enough your writing time is put back five minutes, then another five until very little if anything is done.

I have a new plan, that I am going to stick to following my wasted night. WRITE FIRST!


Lee Hughes said...

lmao 324 words to tell us you didn't write one word, get it together girl lol.

Why you shopping, do your shoes have holes in them? The strap on the handbag snapped etc? Ordering a prescription?

If not then don't go online shopping lol

As me nana says(an old lancashire saying) You need putting in a paper bag and shaking.

Get writing!

Emma B said...

Lee, yes you have pretty much summed it up.

Thank you for putting my mind back into perspective.

I am a writer therefore I write, not shop. Although shopping can be a nice little reward after said writing.

Tanya said...

I have a similar problem, but mine tends to be a case of doing research then going off on a tangent if I come across something else of interest *shrugs* Last night I was doing some research for my 2YN novel, then somehow got sidetracked into reading about Jack the Ripper. I wouldn't have been too bothered about it if my 2YN novel was set either in Victorian London or involved a murderer like Jack!

Lexia said...

Seems like we all have the same "problem" when it comes to getting down to writing. Why is it so easier to write blogs, chat on forums, get sidetracked in "research" rather than just get on with what we intended ? Could it be that our ramblings are more interesting? (well at least to ourselves !!)
Bet you don't stick to your "write first" resolution - or if you do, tell us for how long :)

Pixie J King said...

It's clear to me, that some women actually can't multitask. Or I am just extremely laid back in my writing approach.

I write, then check the internet (Mainly TB as I am an addict...) and then get back to it and so on and so forth. How else am I gunna write in the spare time I have?

Of course, you could turn the computer off completely and draft using a notebook, which I do. (Although, this is me, being a teen, and I could never turn my laptop off unless I was physically ill in which NO writing would get done...)

As for research, as I am quite dumb about locations, names etc, I often need Google during writing.

It's called being a woman, and while I can't sing and type at the same time, I can write and use the internet at the same time.

But then, I've already said it, I'm a teen...

I apologise for the very long comment :)

Pixie x