Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Unthank Books are Seeking Submissions

The newly established Unthank Books, who released their first publication 'Touching the Starfish' earlier this year are currently seeking new work and new writers.

We are looking for shorter form prose for our annual 'Unthology', a collection to be published by Unthank Book alongside our list of novels. The Unthology hopes to showcase the work of new and established writers and will include short stories (up to 8,000 words long), reportage, essays and novel extracts. The Unthology is concerned with stories about how we live now, with the vivid, the cult and the strange, and is not concerned with mainstream genre fiction or poetry.

To find out more about Unthank Books and how to submit please visit their website.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mid-Month Update

Horray! I am nearly finished a short story I have been working on. Just a few bits to add in a good bit of editing too do. There is some level of pressure on it, I want to have it done Friday, so I'll have to get my finger out!

Like 'Sleeping Dogs' it has been one of a strange process. I started with a scenario (a woman on a train) and gradually worked my way from there. Hopefully it seems to work, but it does mean additional editing I find!

The other half is watching The Fairy Jobmother. Majorly distracting me from this blog!

I'm going to have a quick look over the short before bed and then I have the next two days to fine tune it. I am still unsure of my characters motivation, that is the most difficult bit, is what she is doing warranted? I'll just have to get it finished and then I guess I will know.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Finding Focus

Last night I got no writing done, zilch! Normally this is because I am putting it off because I know the task will be difficult, but last night it was not even something as logical as that. I was actually looking forward to writing.

So why did I fail to write even one word as intended? Usually there is one big word that sums up the cause of my distraction and failure to complete anything constructive and I know that it is the cause of many people failing to do what they should in many aspects of their life- 'Internet'.

I had my pen drive in my laptop and had even planned a time when I would disappear up to the study and get some writing done. Instead I spent the time I should have spent writing doing some Internet shopping. That's not the worst bit, I didn't even buy anything. In the end it was getting late and I decided I would need more time to think on it.

This sort of pointless and vastly time-consuming activity is the prime culprit at eating into my writing time. There is no need for me to do this, and the logical answer would be to do the writing first and then go on the Internet.

Somehow 'surfing the net' always eats up time and with very little results. Even when it is something relevant, like looking up competitions, it seems to take a long time and you very quickly get distracted by something not so relevant, like that free delivery offer on New Look.


I think it can be worse if you set a time for writing and do some searching on the Internet before hand. Soon enough your writing time is put back five minutes, then another five until very little if anything is done.

I have a new plan, that I am going to stick to following my wasted night. WRITE FIRST!