Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Trip to Lancaster

So I am sat at the laptop feeling elated and exhausted!

Today I had my meeting with Sarah Hymas of Flax to discuss the final edit of Sleeping Dogs and have the photo shoot for the website profile. Besides this being the first exciting step in my writing life, this was also my first drive on the motorway.

I have been driving for over two years and, until today, I have never driven on the motorway. To be honest I have never had the need to until today. I live an hour from the M6 and whenever I do take a shopping trip to the Trafford Centre it is with the other half who is the regular driver and a poor passenger.

The Storey Creative Industries Centre is a stone's throw away from Waterstones and home to Litfest and it's regular events. Organised, as ever, I found my way without a problem and I enjoyed the meeting. I got to talk about myself alot, stood about for some photos, which, after all the photography of the wedding, was relatively painless, and did a small recording of a reading of the short story.

The recording was the only bit I didn't like. I hate the sound of my own voice but I think that's one of the normal self-criticisms people have. Still, I'll be doing a reading at the launch on the 30th June.

Now, I am considering an early night. You can tell I'm not used to anything other than the commute to work. Two hours to Lancaster and two hours back and I'm shattered!


Lee Hughes said...

Go you! Nice work. Not on the driving bit, the writing bit.

diane said...

Hey, Emma, I once knew a girl who, ten years after she'd passed her test, had never driven around a roundabout! She did live somewhere in the sticks somewhere in the Borders, though.

Glad you had a good day and look forward to hearing You've Been Published ;)