Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Get Ready For the Launch

Tomorrow night is the launch of This Road We're On, the latest Flax anthology, in which will appear my short story 'Sleeping Dogs' and I am very excited.

The launch is starts at 7.45pm at The Auditorium, The Storey Creative Industries Centre, at Lancaster and is open to the public. I will be reading 'Sleeping Dogs' as well as two of my poems.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Playing the Interviewee

Following my recent small success in having a short story accepted by Flax, which will appear in their anthology at the end of this month, and the regular book reviews and articles I have written for them, Essential Writers will be publishing an interview with me on their website.

Last night I had the pleasant task of reading over the various questions and rambling detailed answers about my inspiration, favourite writers and how I find the time for writing. It was a great experience to be able to do that sort of self-exploration with actual purpose rather than vanity.

I think it helped having to write my answers by email too as it gave me more time to think them through. I have recently discovered that in a face-to-face meeting I am terrible at forgetting names so, when asked about my favourite writers for example, I can maybe only think of two and then all memory of every other book I have read deserts me.

The strange thing is, prior to this, I thought I would feel uncomfortable talking about myself in an interview but in fact I have really enjoyed it. But then, I am not really talking about myself, I am talking about something that I am incredibly passionate about- writing.

The second bit of news is that I have now had sight of the photos from last week's meeting at Lancaster and I am very pleased with their professional appearance. Of course I still grimaced at my goofiness caught on camera! A couple of the photos will form part of my web profile on Litfest which will be going live later this month with the launch of the anthology.

Watch this space for news on the interview. In the mean time I plan to get some actual writing done!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Trip to Lancaster

So I am sat at the laptop feeling elated and exhausted!

Today I had my meeting with Sarah Hymas of Flax to discuss the final edit of Sleeping Dogs and have the photo shoot for the website profile. Besides this being the first exciting step in my writing life, this was also my first drive on the motorway.

I have been driving for over two years and, until today, I have never driven on the motorway. To be honest I have never had the need to until today. I live an hour from the M6 and whenever I do take a shopping trip to the Trafford Centre it is with the other half who is the regular driver and a poor passenger.

The Storey Creative Industries Centre is a stone's throw away from Waterstones and home to Litfest and it's regular events. Organised, as ever, I found my way without a problem and I enjoyed the meeting. I got to talk about myself alot, stood about for some photos, which, after all the photography of the wedding, was relatively painless, and did a small recording of a reading of the short story.

The recording was the only bit I didn't like. I hate the sound of my own voice but I think that's one of the normal self-criticisms people have. Still, I'll be doing a reading at the launch on the 30th June.

Now, I am considering an early night. You can tell I'm not used to anything other than the commute to work. Two hours to Lancaster and two hours back and I'm shattered!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Name in the Litfest Newsletter

Receiving the Litfest newsletter today I had a lovely smiley moment when I saw my own name:

"Launch of This Road We're On, Flax021 with Emma Bragg, Annie Clarkson, Naomi Kruger, Amy Prodromou and Chris Witter - a quiet but tense journey through the workings of how we love. Weds 30th June at 7.45pm."

Find out more about the launch here

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Another Sad Day for Cumbria

I only got back home at around sixish yesterday morning and I could never have anticipated today's events.

It is more than likely you will have by now heard the shocking news of today's events in Cumbria where a gunman went on a rampage in Whitehaven and across West Cumbria. I live in Whitehaven and was in the town centre shortly after the first shooting.

As I crossed the road near the scene of the first shooting I had no idea the severity of the events seeing the mass of police. My first thought was that it was a road incident. It was only in the bank where I heard that it was a shooting.

The bank was advised to lock the doors and for everyone to move upstairs and stay away from windows. My husband and I were the only customers in branch at the time.

We remained in the bank for ninety minutes until finally it was deamed safe for us to leave as the gunman was confirmed as no longer being in our immediate area.

The latest news is that there are 30 different crime scenes, 12 people have been killed as well as the gunman who took his own life. There are also 25 people injured.

What can I possibly say to express my shock? My wishes go out to all those effected by today's horrific events.