Monday, 5 April 2010

Three Months Down

We are now 25% of the way through 2010 already which is scary stuff! Where has it gone, it feels like it was February last week and now we are into April?!

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I began the year with the determination that 2010 would be my year. So far, I have been making slow and steady progress in producing work and have made several submission but unfortunately no luck so far.

On the positive I do feel I am producing better work than I have ever done in the past and March was one of the best month's I have had for productivity and actual submission. I just need to keep up the hardwork.

It would be so easy for me to look at the work I have done so far this year and the lack of any sort of acceptance for it and decide 'why do I bother' but this is all part of what I know I have to do in order to get anywhere. Over the last few years I have made efforts with my writing, received rejections and kept fighting but this year is the first year I feel that I am working to a much higher level, both in terms of quantity and quality of the work being produced.

That all sounds like that it turned to 2010 and all of a sudden I started taking it seriously or just suddenly became a writer but I think it has all being a massive learning experience. You need to get so many of those rejections slips and listen to so many writers, read so many books and produce so many pages of junk before you can have a bit of humility about yourself and start treating writing like a job instead of a self-indulgence.

Looking at the process like that does make it sound somewhat depressing but I feel it is the most constructive attitude for me to have that will help in securing me some success. I have in the past maybe tried to look at it like this but it is easy to get carried away in the airy fairy world of a wannabe writer, fantasising about the bookseller lists and movie rights instead of getting the writing done.

The only way I will ever get anywhere is to put my fantasies aside and to treat writing like a job. If you want to succeed at anything you need to be disciplined instead of just going along with the hope that you are an amazing writer and one day someone is bound to discover you, it just doesn't happen like that.

I'm still waiting on that acceptance letter in the post, I did not win the Iota poetry competition and Mslexia did not want to use my book review but we are only part way through April and, as every writer knows, it's a hard slog.

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Diane McIlmoyle said...

Well, Emma, you know what they say - the difference between a published and unpublished writer is persistence - !

I'd love to know what percentage of freelance writers write fiction/non-fiction/ commercially/ are journalists. I suspect the novelists and poets are heavily outnumbered.