Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Poetry Project

With my time still strained between work and the wedding I have decided to focus my writing upon one format and that is poetry. I feel almost strange having made this decision, which was probably inspired by attending Words by the Water, and at the same time it seems like such an obvious solution.

Until now I have always had several projects ongoing at once including novel research, short stories and poetry. This is all very good and productive but I have found myself recently overwhelmed with tasks and getting very little complete.

In order for me to try to get the most out of my writing for the past week I have focused on poetry. The advantage of this of course is that it is less time consuming which is my biggest problem right now. Also it allows me to focus on an idea in a small number of words which I may later decide to develop into a short story.

Over the past week I have been able to build up a small collection of poems and this in itself is a boost to the ego. I do always find poetry a bit like a slippery fish and I sometimes think I'm falling wide of the line but in the same manner I have had some positive feedback so reason tells me I can't be getting it that wrong.

I think if I am just be a bit less me and a bit less scattered trying to do so many things at once, what I produce at the end of the day will be of much better quality and I will actually have completed something instead of half completing several things. That's the theory anyway.

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Diane McIlmoyle said...

Good idea, Emma. Quality over quantity.

So, when're you going to post some on here?

Joanne Fox said...

Focusing on the poetry sounds like a good tactic. Let us know how you get on.

Emma B said...

Thanks for the comments.

That was my thought too Diane, I think part of it is a psychological think. The time demands to complete a piece of poetry are less so you do feel you are getting more done.

I probably won't be posting any on the blog as I will be looking to submit them to publications.