Monday, 11 January 2010

Writing Aims for 2010

Now eleven days into the New Year most of us will, by now, have broken our overly optimistic New Year resolutions. With that out of your system, now is therefore a good time to be making serious writing commitments and aims. Not just an ill-thought ambition on the whim of it being the 1st of January, but an actual plan as to what you want to achieve this year.

To evaluate what you want to be aiming for you first must establish what it is you have already achieved, reasonable enough when you think about it. Think back to this time last year and what you were hoping to achieve in 2009, try not to let knowledge about what you did do influence this. It may be that in January 2009 you never actually put any aims in place but chances are you had a round about idea regarding what you wanted to achieve in the year.

Secondly, make a list of what it was you did achieve in 2009. Have a think through all publications you have had, stories/poems/articles you have completed, new groups you have become a part of and improvements to your writing itself. Spend a good amount of time on this, there are often achievements that we easily forget like keeping a regular blog.

Once you have made your list compare it to what you had hoped to achieve. Did you achieve more or less or about the same? Think about why this is. If you have not achieved everything you had hoped were your goals too high or did you not commit to them enough? If you have achieved more than you aimed congratulate yourself, did you work hard to achieve this?

At this point you will be ready to put in place some firm writing aims for 2010. Think about what you did well in and how you could do better, do you need to better schedule your writing sessions? Be realistic about what you can achieve but push yourself too. If you got two articles published in 2009 then aim for four this year.

Finally, make sure you write down your 2010 writing aims and at the start of each month glance through it, if you do this you will be more likely to achieve them. It also means you can keep updating your list throughout the year, if for example you are completing your aims quicker than expected you will be able to add more so you always have something to work towards.

Do keep a copy of your original list and then, with any luck, you can go over it this time next year and be able to say you achieved them all.

Happy Writing


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