Thursday, 26 November 2009

Am I a quitter?

So NaNoWriMo finishes at midnight on Monday and how far off am I? Well I've given in. I know, it's ridiculous and it hardly sets the best example. All those hours spent in the beginning wasted. A failure, and I could rhyme off numerous excuses, but there is only one excuse and that's that I just did not put enough into it.

I am pleased to say that I am seeing others thrive with the challenge and getting near to the target 50,000 words . My final word count was just over 15,000. No, not a great achievement in the grand scheme of things and yes I could slap myself for my failings but is it worth it?

Believe it or not I have got something out of NaNoWriMo and that is a reinforced determination and enthusiasm. It has assisted in getting me into the habit of writing again. During these winter months I don't like to lock myself away in the cold of the study I want to be sat in the warm lounge and curled up on the sofa and sadly that is where the writing suffers. Maybe it is because I have 'failed' NaNoWriMo that I am struck with this sense of purpose.

Last night I was at my Writers' Group, something I have missed for the last two months and that in itself gives me enough of a kick up the butt to DO something. Had I been busily typing away to build up my word count I would not have made the group and surely the group is more constructive.

I like to think the words I did manage will not go to waste. I am bound to find some use for them. I think a lot of this writing lark, especially when you are a wannabe like me (it's ok I can take it, until I in publication I am a wannabe) is mainly about the determination to do it. You can be the best writer in the word but unless you spend the time writing you will never get anywhere. So, I may have quit the NaNoWriMo challenge but I am still plodding on with the much larger one- getting published.

And, as for the NaNoWriMo participant logo, I will be keeping that up for now, after all, it's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part.

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Tanya said...

Just over 15000 words is not a failure - it's 15000 words more than all of those people who didn't even make a start for one reason or another managed to write, so don't be too harsh on yourself :) Sometimes staying motivated enough to get to the end is difficult, and at times it seems impossible, but there's always next year if you want to give it another shot.

I'm sure you will be able to make something out of what you've written so far, so the time and effort you put into those 15k won't have been wasted. And don't don't forget that there are other NaNo type contests out there - April, July and August contests for example - so it could be worth bearing one of those in mind.