Friday, 4 September 2009

Open Mic

In June I attended the Wax Lyrical even in Cockermouth (see post Wax Lyrical) but did not perform. Now, I am seriously thinking of performing in an open mic session next month. In fact at the moment I am planning to perform.

This is scary stuff! Why am I wanting to put myself through this? I suppose it's a bit like wanting to go on the big ride at the fair (which I normally don't do to be honest) there is something inside that dares you to push down your fears.

When I went to Wax Lyrical in June my intention was always I will perform myself... at some point. But that was exactly it, it was a far off thought that, although truthful it was far away, maybe sixth months or a year away.

After talking to someone in my writers' group that attends a regular open mic night I think part of me became compelled to put myself up there. It can't be that different from reading within a writers' group, can it?

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