Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dealing With Rejection

I was in the unfortunate circumstances of having had three rejections in two weeks a few days ago. Rejection is of course all part of being a writer, even the most successful of writers have it and if you cannot deal with rejection then you are in the wrong business. Still, three in two weeks is more than I'm used to and it does leave with rather a glum downbeat feeling.

Speaking to other writers we all seem to deal with it in one of two ways. Some I spoke to find that rejection actually spurs then on to write, if, for example, the rejection is from a woman's magazine they will make necessary adjustments and resubmit elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I tend to be in the other category- those who sulk, drown their sorrows and think 'why do I bother?'. That's possibly down to my pessimistic personality but many others are just the same. It is normal, I tell myself, to feel like this when you put your all into something and then it comes back to you with a slip of thanks but no thanks. You can tell before you open the envelope and that's what I find difficult, opening it with the small hope that maybe they accepted it but returned a copy to me for my convenience.

I would love to be in the other category, those that strive through and laugh in the face of the standardized letters, its the much more sensible and productive stance to take. I will try to do this and I urge everyone else to also.

Above all remember, as long as you are getting those rejection letters you are a writer!

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