Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Office Makeover

So after a morning of sorting out various errands I sorted out my own space. My home office has been needing a major overhaul for some time. Although useful and home to the essentials for getting writing done it was hardly welcoming.

For some time now the office has been housing an extra computer chair, various scraps of paper, a toy mouse (for the cat) and just general mess. Not to mention the printer being on the floor (not good) as well as a large pile of magazines.

The plan had been to buy a magazine tray and an extra table but that has never happened. These sorts of things go on the list, I occasionally remember that they need purchased but it never actually happens. In the end I came to the ingenious solution that it would make much more sense to use the shelving unit already in the office. I have no idea why this has taken so long to think of.

So I spent a short amount of time (short because I wanted the office sorted so dusting was not essential) rearranging the unit, moving the CD tower etc etc and dumping the excess books in the spare room.

And hey presto.... a great smart looking work space complete with an off-the-floor printer and a map that has been thoroughly blu-tacked to the wall. I have visions of hearing a strange noise in the night only to find the map is no longer on the wall (it is a very large map that took my several attempts to put up straight).

The reason this is all so important, apart from hosting some guests next weekend, is that a tidy room means a tidy mind. Of course that probably is not actually true but it does look MUCH better, unlike the spare room. Please keep an eye out for the pictures I will be posting!!

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