Thursday, 6 August 2009

I must have been busy

So with no blog posted in over a month I know I must have been busy. This is of course a good thing.

I spent much of July working on a short story for entry in a competition. I know a lot of people are not keen on writing competitions, more so those that require a fee. I understand their viewpoint as what is the point in paying to submit a piece when you could submit it for free to a magazine and have a much higher chance of success.

Generally I only go for competitions that inspire me, are not too popular (meaning there is less chance of winning) and where the fee is a small amount (as some can be as much as £10- which I find hard to justify as fair). Only if at the very end I genuinely feel I have a chance of winning do I actually submit the piece.

I did submit the piece in the end so it is no simply a case of waiting to see if I get lucky. The other negativity about competitions is the lack of guidelines.

Other projects last month included working on a piece for People's Friend which I now have sitting in a drawer and hope to be submitting later this month. I did enjoy working on this as the magazine's style is quite different so it was demanding trying to get something that I felt would work for the readership.

It's with pieces I am unsure about that I am glad to be part of Talkback. I knew several members on the forum had previous success with People's Friend so it was great to be able to get some constructive feedback and I have put this to good use.

The other writing community in my life is of course 'Lakeland Writers' (or I think that is what it is called now). They meet once a month in Papcastle and I have only recently started attending again after sorting the house out. Each month we set a homework for the next session. That was another thing I was working on in July. The homework was to write about 'things we'd like to know'. I did a poem about 'knowing' a person and I was overwhelmed by the feedback I got. It is reassuring when you get good feedback to know that at least you're on the right track.

This month the homework is to write a war poem, which I imagine will be challenging but it encourages me to write something out of my comfort zone. That will be just one thing I will be working on in August.

Other August projects include two pieces for competitions, a piece for an American magazine and researching My Weekly. No doubt it will be an even busier month in that case. Somewhere on my list I do have my blog but it is sadly lower down I am afraid.

The problem I have when I am this busy is that however much I want to have a regular, successful blog inundated with followers, my other projects hold the possibility of publication and even (drum roll) payment!

What makes my blog more promising is that I now have a much more organised and active writing schedule. So all being well I should be able to fit my blogging in somewhere...

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