Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Calendar for September

Before the start of this month I organised what I was going to be working on and what deadlines I needed to meet and it seems to have been incredibly successful! Through August and part of July I have been a lot stricter at following a writing routine, mostly spending at least one hour a day at my desk a day.

I quickly found, although the one hour a day was good, alone it was not enough. I started planning what I would be doing in that hour in advance, meaning I would not waste time during my hour trying to prioritise my work which was an easy method of procrastinating.

As a result this month I have been able to complete five separate pieces, three of which have been submitted to either competitions or publications. This is compared to two in July, two in June and one in May. I have more than doubled my output between July and August!

So I have been working a lot harder and dedicating more time but it has not been at any great strain. I don't feel I have had to work flat out and because I have set myself realistic deadlines and planned my work I have spent most of the time feeling good about myself for being on target or even a head of it.

What's more because I am planning my work I can be flexible with it. Last night the other half took me out for a posh meal (I know I am very lucky). The problem was I had planned to finish two pieces of work. Now I can hardly turn round and declare this but it was not a problem, because its Saturday today I have simply been able to put it off until today as well as doing what I had planned to do today anyhow.

I hope I have not made that sound too complicated or nerdy. What I am basically trying to express is that August has been a very good month for me productivity wise and it would seem it is down to being well-organised.

With this knowledge I have already planned how I will be spending September. I have produced a calendar for the month, inputted any deadlines I need to meet, took into consideration appointments and holidays and then organised what work I will do around them. September's calendar at the moment is looking very full and I may be being overambitious in hoping to achieve it all but, if August is anything to go by, I should be having another productive month.

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