Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Writer's Words

Firstly I apologise there was no blog yesterday. The day was occupied primarily by hosting a training session, a meeting and lethargy.

Nevertheless I have had a constructive couple of days. After spending months dipping in and out I have finished Stephen Kings' 'On Writing'. I doubt I will ever read a book on writing as good. Probably the best aspect of the book is the way in which he intertwines information about himself with the technical requirements of writing. Unlike other writing books, his 'recommendations' are much clearer rather than a case of some writers do this, some do that.
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I am now reading 'So you Wanna be a Writer?'. I have dipped into it before and am now feeling very sponge like so I am picking up every book on writing I can to try and absorb as much as possible.

Reading writing books will not magically make me into a great writer, I have already learnt that a lot of it is down to practice, but it can at the very least help and anything that can help is a good thing.

I am on the verge of pinning myself down to a finite writing schedule (or as close to one as possible). Probably the largest driving power, other than a sudden reel of determination that appears to have descended upon me over the weekend, is the new purchase of a chair. This is a huge development. Having moved into the house in January and establishing the room decorated in an eccentric cow-print will be my study I now have an office chair. My fiance phoned me at work today to make the announcement. I can now use my office- after a bit of a tidy up- to embark on developing my writing career.

I think a lot of it is a state of mind. It is all to easy to get into bad habits instead of driving myself to write. I recently read of one writer who used to come in from work and tie her leg to the desk so she would write and not get distracted. I hope I never have to go those extremes, knowing me I would become so entangled I would be stuck until someone found me.

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I do need to be thinking more like a writer. There are so many things that happen to me and to people around me that I should be leaping on. It is classic case of staring into space for inspiration instead of actually observing what is going on around me. It's all part of learning and I have already learned so much, I just have to keep it up.

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