Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Working Through

So yesterday I did manage to make some writing progress. I got a bit further in the final draft and I am going to be looking at submitting to agencies. I just can't wait to have the whole thing finished and then I can make some real progress with the new novel.
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As well as the writing yesterday was good. I felt I managed to get a lot done and we even managed to go for a walk. It was good. It would have been such a shame to stay in the house, the weather was gorgeous, so we had a walk into town. It motivated me into us getting sorted to do the Coast to Coast some time. I don't think Ian is as keen as he probably thinks it's never going to happen. It will. Just need to keep it up that's all.

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Today I am getting back on the health wagon well and truly with a prawn salad for my lunch. Nice! Then I should be doing some cardio tonight and we're planning to take a walk up Dent (weather dependent). I do feel quite good for it all. I would love to be one of these people that get up at six and start the day writing but I fear that will never happen with me.

This morning was good though. Even though I was tired it was nice chilling out in bed while Ian was in the shower. The main reason I was awake was that I had tried to get the cat in and had had to clear up her cat litter. Honestly, I wish she would start going outside. She can be outside for hours, meows that she wants in, and then goes for a pee in her litter!? Well, this morning I was all relaxed and resting while Ian was in the shower.

That's enough about this morning and yesterday, today I plan to get the work done I need to, do some editing on my lunch, get home, do my cardio, have tea, do a bit of writing and then go for a walk up Dent. And it all sounds like an ideal day. I feel refreshed and determined. I think it's the Spring weather.
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Sandra Patterson said...

Well done on the blog, Emma. I just saw your thread on Talkback and popped over for a look. Keep up the good work!
Sandra (FT)

Michelle Sutton said...

Loving the blog, Emma. Like Sandra, just seen the thread on TB and instantly went to look.
Will keep a look in and comment when I can ;)
Michelle (Jediya)