Thursday, 28 May 2009

Increasing the Output

You maybe will have noticed that the blog has slowed somewhat, which thankfully is because I have been busy being productive.

These are the tasks I have been doing when I have not been blogging:

1. My regular full-time job- of course
2. Researching womag's so I can submit effectively
3. Writing a short story to submit to womag
4. Editing and finalising said short story
5. Decorating the front lounge

Ok, the regular full-time job is an essential. You don't do that, you don't get paid you don't have food, you die and all the dreams of being a writer die with you. I do actually enjoy my job but it can be very difficult fitting my writing round it. I come in from work and then I know should be writing even though I have just spent the day looking at a computer screen. You would think I would write by hand then, but I can't resist the ease of on-screen editing.

I am widening my scope in writing short story material for women's magazines. This is something I tried about a year ago, when I was less experienced and more naive. I cannot believe what a difference a year makes. Before writing a short story I researched the market. I already had an idea for a plot in mind but wanted to establish the preferred writing style and what the other stories are like.

Reading 'Wannabe a Writer?' also helped. Jane Wenham-Jones has successfully written several short stories for women's magazines so I was able to get an insight into what really worked. Hopefully, this has helped.

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'Wannabe a Writer?' had a wide scope of information on various aspects of writing, from the initial ideas to pitching. On another note it also highlighted the hazards of being a writer, such as the dreaded 'writer's bottom'. I am now in fear of 'writer's bottom' and will be getting back on the fitness wagon tonight!

exercise Pictures, Images and Photos Update on the fitness wagon: I fell off. Well, you can't say you're surprised. I am human, chips are irresistible and exercise is not appealing when you have spent the day at work, the TV is one, there are stories to be written and the sofa is feeling ever so comfortable. Besides, look at the increased writing input, the real push to develop this writing career of mine, surely that is worth a little bit of fat on the sides. Nevertheless I will be climbing back on the wagon tonight. Hopefully.

In terms of the output I did finish, edit and finalise that short story for Take a Break and it went out in the post last night. Fingers crossed once again as I keep my mind occupied with another short story. Tonight I will be scouring over Woman's Weekly. I was supposed to be doing this last night but comfy sofa and TV became distracting. Darn that Apprentice.

I will now point out that it is the other half that is addicted to The Apprentice not myself. Although if it is on and I am in the room my eyes tend to move in that direction.

The final distraction was the decorating. This was the much overdue decorating of the lounge and occurred over the bank holiday weekend. Friday evening (yes, even though we had both spent the day at work, I would rather have been writing and it would have been much more enjoyable to relax with a film) we painted half the ceiling. The painting of the ceiling was essential as the ceiling tiles had been painted a horrid yellow colour. Saturday we finished the ceiling. I say finished, due to the nature of the tiles we will still need to go round the intricate details of every tile with a fine paint brush. I imagine that will be done slowly over several months. Saturday evening and Sunday we also did the wall a lovely orange colour. So we're done (more or less), just a book case put up, a frame to buy and some pictures to hang.

So in all it has been a productive week and a bit. Go me!

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