Wednesday, 13 May 2009

If I was an early riser..

bed stages Pictures, Images and PhotosThis morning I was up at six. This was because the cat was being a pain in the behind so I had to get up and let her out.

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It would have been less annoying if the cat had not shown a complete disinterest when I opened the door. What made it worse was the pile of cat poo in the litter tray. I am aware this is expected behaviour for a cat but I do wish she would start using outside as her toilet and that she could maybe go a little later in the day so I don't have to arise to it at such an early time.

So I fed the cat and cleaned up the litter tray. Unfortunately Sammy does have a tendency to miss. It's the obsessive compulsive thing she has about cleaning up after herself. She will have a pee, turn round, give it a sniff, then paw at the tray until she covers it with the liner. So, when she later visits the tray she will miss the liner and we will end up with a little present in the corner needing scraped from the tray.

I had to peer round the front door before emptying the litter as I was only in a t-shirt and knickers. Thankfully, no one on our street seems to be up and about at that time but I still end up walking out tugging the t-shirt down just in case.

When I was on my way back upstairs, the smell following me despite having sprayed the Air Wick, I considered how many writers are often up at this time to get their first writing of the day done. Could I? Could I maybe just not go back to bed and instead spend an hour writing before work?
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So what do you think I did? Well I went back to bed still being able to smell cat poo. I know my body and I knew that if I did chose the earlier riser writing option by eleven I would be dead to the world and that just isn't an option with an eight hour job in an office to put in. Some people manage it, if I tried hard enough I probably could manage it.

I could just imagine Ian wondering what the hell I was up to if I was up and writing at that time. He would think I was having a nervous breakdown. Do all writers do most of their writing in the morning? It would seem that way and it does make me feel a bit abnormal and somewhat lazy. But then is it not about just writing whenever you can? Whatever it takes to just write? I maybe need to work on the early mornings.

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