Friday, 15 May 2009

Goodbye and Goodluck

Well I have done some final tweaking to my memoir and its going to be out and off to an agent today.

It has certainly come a long way from the first draft. It is now obvious that I have learnt a lot from when I first started writing it.
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I did, in a manner, start the book whilst the events were still going on. I found when I first started that I was just all over the place with research. In some aspects, I did not do enough and I had to revisit the information later on. In others I did more research than necessary.

As the book was based on real events I think I initially got to tied up in the facts of the events, the descriptions and what was said. It was only on the second draft and after reading King's 'On Writing' that I approached it from the view of the reading. Making it read more like a book. I did not lose the factual element but I removed a lot of unnecessary detail.

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It is amazing how much unnecessary material is there when you come to edit a draft. Not just detail but words, sentences that are over complex, description that is right to the far end of a fart! But then this was my first book.

Stephen King has gave me a new fear of adverbs. They are totally unnecessary (did you see what I did there). There has been the odd occasion where I have had to include an adverb but I seem to have took on King's absolute hate of them. I question it 'do I really NEED it' and I play around and if it loses the effect without it then I suppose I have to keep it in.

I know the experience will help in my future writing. In order to complete the final draft I had to 'theoretically' put the manuscript in a draw for a month or two and do something else. And it helped, a lot more than I expected it. When I read it I was less involved and was able to analyse the book objectively (another adverb there).

So I can say there have been vast improvements and there are a lot of things I will be doing different in future. Now I will just try to forget about the book until I hear some good news (hopefully).

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Wish me luck.

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