Friday, 8 May 2009

Frame of Mind

When you are in a 'can't be bothered' mood it is so difficult to try and drag yourself out of it. Believe me- I'm in one now.

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I know that I should be carrying out something constructive, but instead I am using several methods of procrastinating. Today I have been mostly:

  • Writing on Talkback
    Oh how I love the witty banter of my writing friends, many of whom are also procrastinating on Talkback instead of writing. Well it's good to know I am not the only one.
  • Scouring the Internet
    Could there be anything that eats time more than this pointless activity. The Internet holds a huge mass of information, it also distracts and has so much information that it takes an age to find what you are actually looking for.
  • Blogging
    Yes my current activity, which right now is more appealing than doing something 'constructive'. I do not wish to imply that blogging is not constructive, it can be a outlet, marketing tool and an online diary but I admit that this post is purely for procrastination purposes.
  • Drinking Water
    All else fails, and I cannot find something to occupy my mind I have a bottle of water on my desk. Taking a drink fills a few minutes, and keeping busy is thirsty work. The consequence is also more needs for toilet breaks. Those few minutes can help the day go that little bit quicker.

So you may have notice that up until now I have done a mere four blogs. Not good, especially considering the comments on the last two (I think) that I intended to be more commited to this blogging business. Why does it seem that I can never find the time for anything?

Time always seems to be the major issue in my life. There is not enough of it and I am only twenty-two, surely that is a bad sign. I've heard it said a lot that time seems to grow quicker the older you get but already it is going too quick. It may be that my mind is simply a little slow, not something I would like to be the case but then others may argue otherwise.

The main problem is having the demands of a full time job and trying to develop a career in writing. This is a common scenario for a lot of writers and I can tell you it is damn difficult. I perhaps need to be more commited but there are always many other commitments that I somehow have to find time for- that fitness routine that I am still managing to carry out (I have lost a few pound actually), that fiance I love to bits who I need to remember to be affectionate to sometimes and not always get enthralled in my work instead, the cat (if I ignore her all I get is pestered by meows) and the house.

I still cannot believe how much time the house consumes. It's a brick building but it needs so much time spent on it. I never really considered this, but then you see the dust building up, realise you're living on take-aways and the bath has somehow become fluffy and you realise that you have another commitment for your time. I am not very good at the whole house-keeping thing. My mum was fantastic, she always kept a tidy house and I wish I could do the same but hoovering, cooking and cleaning are the last things you want to do when you get in from work.

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I have always thought I would never resort to having a cleaner, but now I have a house that I am somehow responsible for the thought has became more appealing. I mean it is not something I would do unless I was quite well off but imagine the time it would save!

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If it wasn't for all the procrastinating I would probably have more time to spare. I know that and yet I still do it. Maybe it's that when we are under so much pressure or have been very busy, we need a bit of time wasting to relax. Believe it or not I hate wasting time, it is the one thing you can't ever get back. But then this has been positive time wasting, the time it has taken me to write this blog I mean. Yes it has been a bit of a ramble, and yes I could have spent my time doing something better but look at all those words. It is some sort of achievement.

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