Thursday, 14 May 2009

2.2million out of Work

Anyone who has a good knowledge of the economy could see that a recession was going to happen. It is part of the economic cycle and we had spent several years in a boom. I am sure it has been said before but the greed of the last few years has left us all in dire circumstances.

BT has just announced that it will be cutting a further 15,000 jobs at a point where the unemployment figure has reached 2.2million. I have never been more thankful of my circumstances. I think it is obvious that there is still a good while of this to ride out. And yet I am still speaking to people that complaining about their job. This is possibly one of our favourite past times but is it just me that thinks anyone with a job at the moment should be doing anything but complaining?

Work takes up so much of our daily lives, we talk about it when we go home and it's one of the opening topics with new acquittance's. I am of the opinion that I would much rather enjoy more job than earn a lot of money but given the current circumstances is this more of a luxury?

Currently my thoughts are, even if you are in a job you hate you may just have to make do with it for the time being. This is not nice for anyone, especially if the job is affecting your home life but at the moment it seems there are few options.

Looking at the jobs paper last night there is a visible decrease in the number of vacancies being advertised as well as the wage being offered. The only thing I would guess to be on the increase are the number of applicants those posts will have.

I sympathise with anyone currently out of work and urge anyone in a job to bare them in mind the next time you are tempted to moan.

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