Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My Fitness

Today's fitness is debatable. I appear to be starting with that dreaded Spring head cold. In fact the sore throat appeared to be starting on Saturday but today has induced the need for throaties.

I have been doing that pathetic 'lets eat as many oranges as possible' thing to try and disperse the oncoming lurgy but I don't think it will work. At the moment the only fruit in the fruit bowl are oranges - tangerines to be precise but I never understand the whole orange classification - other than two depleting bananas. The bananas I end up looking at thinking 'they really need to get ate' but the thought of eating the battered and flaccid pieces of fruit turns my stomach. The words to the OH have been 'you insisted we buy them, you eat them'.

On a positive not I did do my exercise routine with the My Fitness Coach last night. Last night was assessment time. It did not go well, not that it was bad but I could have done better. I have not yet lost any real weight, but then a week of not doing exercise, eating chinese, chips and then a Dominos would not have really helped. But, I have not gained any weight so it's not all bad.

My pulse after the jumping jacks was quite high though. Honestly though, jumping jacks are like star jumps, try keeping that up for two minutes and see how your pulse is. I dare you, it's a lot more difficult than it sounds! I was dying after a minute and a half and though my calves we're going to collapse.

So I did my assessment which showed no real improvement - although I did manage the 50 squats - and then did 15 minutes of yoga. The yoga too seemed more difficult than normal. You end up sprawled out on the floor f-ing and blinding as the game keeps telling you to curve and bend and you think it's never going to end. 'From mountain pose, circle lift arms up and fall forward into monkey'. It also does not help when you have a cat thinking it's great fun to attack your arm while you're in corpse pose. The relaxation side of it doesn't work when you're shouting 'Sammy' and then can't stop laughing.

The disappointing thing is that there are different music and locations that are unlocked as you progress further through the game but none have them have unlocked yet! I thought one might after my assessment but alas it was not so.

So, tonight is session number 11, some more cardio I think, which is what I have mainly been doing because it's probably the best for the weight loss. Maybe if I did all the other work outs it would unlock the other features? Anyhow, exercise and then bed I think. I was shattered this morning, not helped by the oncoming lurgy, and I have my sister and her fiance over tonight and a friend over this weekend. It's all good, I just wish there were more hours.