Tuesday, 31 March 2009

End of March

Time seems to be flying at the moment and I hope I am not the only one that seems to think this. I feel like I have so much on at the moment it is unreal!

Work seems exceptionally busy, which is good, but by the time I get home I'm exhausted and it can be difiult to get anything constructive done. I appear to have an obssessive need to do something constructive all the time. I hate wasted time. I need to keep busy. Not always a good thing and I'm surprised I'm not an insomniac as a result!

At the moment there are only three main things I'm concentrating on- work (because it pays the bills), exercise (to lose the pies) and reading (for some much needing relaxation). Yet there appears to be a very lengthy and growing list of things that I am neglecting. There is always the writing I need to be doing, not to mention trying to be sociable, feeding myself - sometimes more difficult than it seems - and having a wedding to plan.

The wedding plans are making progress, which is obviously good. It's now at the stage where it is actually exciting. It wasn't for a long time because it just seemed so far away. Now the venue is booked - I would highly recommend The Castle Inn of Cumbria from the service we have had so far - the photographer is booked and I got the dress on Saturday.

I can't believe I actually got the dress. That's been the thing that was probably the strangest. Standing in the dress you know you're going to get married in is bizzare. It's bizzare in a good way, but you stand there like a fool smiling and swaying while looking at the dress in the mirror. You run your fingers over the design and think of the day you will where it. Despite all your beliefs that you are adult and not a prisy thing like so many others you well at the eyes and look to your mother like a little girl. It can't be helped.

The dress will need taken in but I'm hoping to lose a little weight before the fitting after Christmas. Not a drastic amount by any means, I'm only slightly over weight being just over a size 10 - size 12 on a bad day - I'm just not comfortable with how I am now so I want to get to the ideal weight for my size and tone up. Simples.

The eating isn't too bad. Generally I have good will power, I just have my chocolate moments of weakness occasionally I suppose. It's the exercise I'm really having to put the effort into. I'm using My Fitness Coach on the Nintendo Wii. Brilliant! It's like an interactive fitness DVD so I've been batting about the lounge in a cardio frenzy. I'll just have to keep it up, which I wasn't very good at last week. Last night I did 30 minutes cardio and I was pleased with myself. Hopefully it'll do the trick.

So the work lunch is about to finish and I've had my noodles and moment of relaxation I think. Tonight's plan is more cardio, corn beef ash- which I image the OH will be doing most of the cooking of, because I tend to be quite feckless- and try to get a bit of writing done.

Goodbye for now xx