Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Writing Update

I have rejoined my friends on Talkback and what a relief it has been. My writing has been on a bit of a go slow recently. Christmas certainly did not help and I have just moved house so it's all put a spanner in the works. Managing to find, no MAKE, time to use Talkback again has gave me the little kickstart I needed. Writing can be a lonely business and I can have a tendancy to be somewhat lazy. We all need a group of familair people for encouragement.

The writing, once again, started it's slow progression earlier in the week. I plan to be doing a good slot of writing on a daily basis now, in the hope I can finish the first draft of the new project soon.

As I'm writing this my mind is running away with the list of things that I must get done. It is a very long list and I think it might be a plan to put aside five minutes and write it all done. At the moment it consists of three areas:
1. Writing
2. The House (including address changes with all the appropriate people)
3. Work (including the AAT qualification which seems to be butting in on the writing time)

At the moment I am just trying to establish how I am going to possibly plan my time! It did not help that yesterday I spend the evening browsing strange websites on the Internet. Well, when you're handed a book listing and detailing 'Weird Websites' it is somewhat inevitable. It resulting in looking at cute pictures of animals, celebrity corpses, real dolls, 99 rooms and judo dogs, to name just a few. It is only after looking through all these strange and sometimes disturbing places that you realise how much time has been needlessly wated. Not to mention possibly teetering near the download limit...

Tonight there will be no browsing of Internet nor watchning of TV/DVDs but writing (or possibly AAT). That is after I have been to my Grandma's for tea.