Thursday, 4 December 2008

The first blogger post

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of my blog where, at the moment, the Christmas shopping still needing thought about let alone bought is becoming a worry.

With the X-factor semi-final looming for this Saturday the reality of an impending Christmas is ever present. Well, at least the Christmas number one won't cause any surprises, but it would be nice if it was my favourite. Diana maybe hasn't been consistent but I know I would buy her album.

I have to admit I don't really 'do' Christmas. I don't know why and I hope that does not make me somehow appear to be some sort of miserable scrooge. It's not so much the actual day, I think the family aspect of it is really special and there is no other day in the year where the whole country seems to come together in celebration.

The part I don't do is the two month's preparation, shopping and worry. I hate it, it's tacky, stressful and expensive, which would perhaps explain why my avoidance has caused me a bit of panic now knowing the presents I originally planned have increased in price (another joy of the festive season) and are out of stock.

To me it's all unnecessary stress, a universal Secret Santa makes so much more sense: cheaper and less stressful. Of course in reality this would be a disaster with the high street stores losing out on millions, but Christmas has became so over-hyped and about money and presents instead of what it should really be about.

What always saddens me are the people that are alone at Christmas. It must be sickening to watch people like me get all self-obsessed about the stress of it when they have no one. I think we all need to remember how lucky we are throughout the festive season.

Oxfam Unwrapped carry out a really special project focused on giving a different gift. Give a goat and help a family in providing milk to drink and fertiliser for their crops. To me it's just an extra present that will take me two minutes but will make a lot of difference to those who need it.

Merry Christmas everyone.